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Pet Spa


We offer highly experienced bathers who will take care of your pets, including bathing (using Prima Bathing System), brushing, nail trim and grinds, and teeth brushing for dogs, and brushing and nail trim for cats.

Cost varies by size, breed, condition of coat, and general behavior of animal. Please contact our office at 636-227-1919 for a quote.


dog grooming options

a la carte

Medicated baths, flea/tick treatment, nail trim, nail grind, hand brush, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, de-matting, anal gland expression, sanitary clip, de-skunk, teeth brushing, specialty shampoos, cologne spray, and tear removal.

cat grooming options

a la carte

Hand brush and nail trim.

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Need to board your pet? Each pet at Country Acres is offered a clean, climate controlled environment with piped in music to create a soothing atmosphere. Our facilities are also equipped with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. In addition, we are hooked up to Hackett Security for extra peace of mind.


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